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Depron can be used for Modeling and Underfloor Heating Insulation

Some brilliant images sent to us by Paul Hazelwood of UK RC Flyers.

Visit his active community here: UK RC Flyercs



Many thanks to Paul for these amazing images.

Hope to get more in the future.

Flying in the Sky's of South Yorkshire.

The second of my 2 vulcans, 1st was 82" wingspan and this the latest one, 100". Videos of both can be viewed Video1:- and Video2:-

They're both powered by pusher electric motors which can be seen in the videos. The 100" model weighs approx 9lbs and has working retractable undercarriage and working bomb bay doors - good fun!

Build Log:- Here

Many Thanks to:
Roy Hunter

Avro Vulcan

A 72" span Avro Vulcan during it's construction, later this month the full build process and the first flight.


Thanks to Bryan

Depron VulcanLarger Image
A 90MPH all Depron Scale SU27 by Tim Newman Depron SU27
More from the Master of Speed Tim Newman Depron Jets
Alot of hard work from Andrew Fuller, Sussex A Fuller
Click for larger Image
Flight Master Foamy......George Gray NSW Australia Depron Foamy
A selection from Mike White (Isle of Man)
Dagger. Canard. Span 30 inches. Length 40 inches.
Weight 28 ozs.
20 amp motor and a 3S 2200mah li-po.
200 watts.
6mm Depron

Another from Mike White (Isle of Man)
Long Eazy. 36 inch span.
Motor draws 15 amps from a 3s 1500mah li-po.
Weight 1 pound.
6mm Depron

Long Easy
Another from Mike White (Isle of Man)
Devastator. White USAF. 36 inch span. 40inch long. Weight 2.5lbs. 2 motors 20 amps each.
3S 3200mah li-po. 380 watts.
6mm Depron

Another from Mike White (Isle of Man)

Fantom Russian star.Camouflage.
28 inches span. 33 inches long. weight 19 ozs.
3S, 2200mah li-po battery.
Motor load is 33 amps:-
64mm 30 amp EDF unit.
6mm Depron

Hope to have Plans here soon!


Lazy Bee By Barry Lewis of Wolverhampton
span 30 inch
All up weight 180g
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